Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses at Gatehouse Brides

We are delighted to introduce a stunning range of bridesmaid dresses from the Colour by Kenneth Winston range and the infamous multi-wrap dress from Eliza and Ethan. We have carefully selected styles we believe complement our wedding dresses and each and every maid. Ensuring that there is a dress on our rails to suit all your maids regardless of shape, size and personal style. The absolute beauty of these bridesmaid dresses is effortless elegance and vast colour choice. With Colour by Kenneth Winston range, you could have a different style for each of your bridesmaid dresses but they would all blend seamlessly together and The Multiwrap Dress from Eliza and Ethan offers a massive 20+ ways to wear the same dress available in stunning shades making it one of the best bridesmaids dress to wear again and again.