As an independent bridal boutique in Worcester, we wholeheartedly believe there is only one way to shop for your dream wedding dress and that’s shop locally. We have put together this post to to share the benefits of buying from a local, independent bridal retailer so grab a cuppa and see why Gatehouse Brides is one of the best.

Bridal Shop Experience

The number one benefit we believe you have from buying local and independent, is the intimate bridal shop experience that you will not find equalled anywhere else. As an independent, it is in our best interests to treat each and every person who crosses the threshold like they’re the most important person in the world. Our business relies on service and quality as well as recommendation so by offering the very best, you will hopefully mention us to anyone else you know who is looking for a bridal boutique to visit on their search for the perfect wedding dress.

And your bridal shop experience doesn’t just stop at the browsing and ordering. We are with you every step of the way, offering advise and support in your entire bridal look. As well as the journey as a bride to be, we are also there when you are a brand new Mrs, to clean your dress in the correct way for that gown and get it back to you beautifully boxed for storage.

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When buying off the peg or online, you will find that when the hem needs taking up a little, the corset needs tightening or the arms need taking in a little – you will need to start another search for a reputable seamstress to complete the alterations appropriately and sympathetically without adversely affecting the shape of the gown. When buying from an independent bridal boutique, there is more often than not an in house seamstress, or at the very least a tried and trusted freelancer who we can put you straight in touch with to get your gown just right. All fittings are carried out in a beautiful, spacious environment, with a generous appointment time to allow each fitting to be executed without the pressure of just ‘getting it done’ before the next appointment comes in.

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As an independent bridal boutique we pride ourselves on sourcing the very best gowns from the very best designers – in a range of budgets for the style and cost conscious bride. We attend annual bridal shows and buying events where we scrutinise the offering from a whole range of designers and handpick the gowns we believe will be most desired by our local brides. Allowing us to confidently sell any one of our gowns to a bride with the assurance that they are making a safe investment in a piece they can treasure forever.

Boutique Events

In addition to all of the buying benefits, by engaging with a local independent bridal boutique such as Gatehouse Brides, you will also have access to a range of free events hosted in the boutique. For example our Monthly Mingle events that see a different focus each month with other local wedding industry professionals. Offering a forum for local brides to get together and gain insight, ideas and share experiences in a beautiful bridal environment.

We also host bridal designer events where you get access to a designers full collection that you may not otherwise be able to see for many more months. These events also offer exclusive discounts on brand new dresses which are otherwise unheard of!

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Quality wedding dresses aren’t cheap. There are of course ways to cut down costs but if there is one day in your life that you are allowed to feel like a real princess, the most beautiful and loved you have ever felt – it’s your wedding day. Don’t cheapen your experience just to save a few £ on the dress. Let yourself enjoy your journey to married life as much as you deserve; and let Gatehouse Brides be there with you along the way.

Julie x