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Ok girls, I feel it’s time to address the question on the lips of us all. An iconic trend that’s set to take over what ‘was’, that is due to be a staple in the world of bridal fashion, and dominate all pages on your beloved Pinterest boards… Of course, I’m talking about Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

Did you hear about the royal wedding this coming weekend?! Of course you did, you’d be hard pushed to find a staunch anti-royalist who had managed to escape the news! Well Prince Henry of Wales (or Prince Harry as we more fondly know him) is to marry Miss Meghan Markle on Saturday 19th May at midday and we quite simply are struggling to contain our excitement.

I wish I could be telling you that I had the inside scoop – unfortunately I don’t. However, I AM armed with an array of educated guesses! As much as I wish I could tell you this is inside information, Gatehouse Brides are YET to have our first appointment with Meghan herself. So I’ll keep you updated on that one 😉 For now, My bridal assistant senses are tingling. I’m analysing her shape, skin tone, features and personal style in a bid to predict her choice… I think I’ve cracked it.

Mia Mia Cassie Royal Wedding Blog1

Cassie – from Mia Mia, a wedding dress fit for a modern day princess

So I began piecing my theory together with the process of elimination. What WON’T she have? Our Meghan is a power force of a woman. She’s fierce with her style, and very much sticks with what SHE likes, rather than following too strictly with traditions.

Eliza & Ethan Ava Royal Wedding Blog1

Ava – a stunning tradition bucking dress from Eliza and Ethan

Kate’s wedding dress, back in April 2011, reflected her very demure persona. It was understated, yet beautiful. It highlighted her most flattering features extremely well – namely her small synched waist, and poised shoulders. Statement necklines are also a running trend in past weddings of royalty. Catherine went for the deep plunge, whilst her sister Pippa, went for quite the opposite high turtle neckline. Quite frankly, they could have been wrapped in an ivory cotton bed sheet and still have looked fabulous.   

Meghan’s clean cut, no fuss style has given me the main pointers towards my prediction. Meghan’s style is very much dependent on her natural beauty and envious shape doing most of the work. She doesn’t rely on detailed embroidery, sparkle, lace or any other bells and whistles. She is minimal, simple and chic.

White One Fiana Royal Wedding Blog1

Fiana – sleek, chic and beautifully simple design from White One

Sarah Burton, designer of Catherine’s wedding dress, stays very traditional and focuses mostly on shapes and structure when it comes to the face of her gowns. This differs from Giles Deacons style, of whom designed Pippa’s.

Pippa went for an extremely heavily laced subtle A-line, similarly to Kate’s, hugging her curves in all the right places. Giles Deacon uses heavy textures and a huge variety of materials to create a more couture look. Definitely fit for royalty.

My Prediction for Meghan’s Wedding Dress

Opposing the two, I predict the previous star of Suits, to be on the complete other end of the style scale. As I previously said, Meghan’s style is minimal and chic. She often wears designers such as Ralph and Russo, of whom specialise in unique cuts and different types of unpredictable embroidery. This is almost the epitome of her style. Her envious figure, beautiful olive skin and dark features pushes me towards this:

A sleek, modest hanging fabric. Synching in around Meghan’s favourite silhouette showing style. Emphasising her small waist. A brighter ivory colour and plain material is set to bring out the dark olive tones of her skin, making a dramatic contrast of colour. Elegant tight sleeves which are modest yet sleek, promoting poise and posture in her stance.

Now – This is MY prediction for Harry’s blushing Bride to be. We’d LOVE to know yours?

Hannah x