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It is with a heavy heart I watched the news last night reporting that our wonderful Queen had sadly passed away.

She was a true leader, a beautiful woman inside and out, who worked tirelessly for the good of our country and the Commonwealth. She was and will always be remembered as a beacon of light during some of our worst times during her epic 70 year reign. It seems like only two minutes ago we were celebrating her jubilee, and what glorious celebrations they were.

I’m not sure how you are feeling today. If you are a royalist or not. But this sad passing seems to be having an effect on all alike. We will stand together and mourn today as we celebrated together just a few short months ago.

As a mark of respect we will be keeping our socials quiet and next week we will be returning our jubilee window with a black background during this period of mourning.

We will be here for all our brides and understand that your wedding dress shopping is a highlight which should and will be filled with joy, excitement, and bubbles – as I’m sure our dear, great Queen would want.

All that’s left to say is RIP Queen Elizabeth II, you will be missed deeply but it gives us some comfort to know you are at last reunited with your Prince.