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On the run up to Valentines day 2020, we shared some top tips for our brides to be over on our Facebook page. So that they were easily accessible to future brides-to-be, we thought we’d bring them all together into a blog post for you here! So without further ado, here’s our top 10 tips for wedding dress shopping…

1. Do your research

We recommend ladies look through our website and social media before coming in for an appointment to give you an idea of the wedding dresses we have in store and come in with knowledge of the kinds of dresses that you’d like to take a closer look at.

2. Less is more

When coming in for a bridal appointment, keep your bridal squad to a minimum. We absolutely understand that you may want your nearest and dearest to help make the decision on what to choose for your wedding day, but too many opinions can be confusing and ultimately it’s YOUR opinion that matters!

3. Be open minded

Try to stay open minded when you come in for your bridal appointment. You may already have an idea of what wedding dress you want, but quite often we leave brides pleasantly surprised by something they hadn’t originally considered.

4. Underwear advice

You may be surprised to hear you don’t actually need to wear a bra with the majority of our wedding dresses as they come with built in support. We would however, recommend wearing nude, high waisted non VPL undies.

5. Express yourself

You want to look the most amazing you have ever looked in your life on your wedding day, but please don’t try and be a version of the bride you think you should be. Stay true to your style, think about the clothes that already make you feel amazing and if you would run for the hills at the sight of a tight fitted dress normally, don’t start corseting yourself into something that is going to make you feel uncomfortable!

6. Trust your instincts

When you’ve found ‘the one’ you will know… Trust your instincts and don’t doubt yourself!

7. Pick a dress that makes you happy

As mentioned in point 2, we understand we often want someone else’s opinion, but you need to choose a dress that makes YOU happy, no one else!

8. Once you’ve found your dress – stop looking

Remember that feeling when you put the dress on and knew ‘this is the one!’ Once you’ve found it, stop looking. You don’t want to end up confusing yourself and loose that feeling you got at that moment you knew.

9. Shoes for your first fitting

Make sure you have your wedding shoes for your first dress fitting. Don’t worry if you don’t have them for your ‘try on’ appointment, but be sure to have them for your first fitting so that our in house seamstress can ensure your hem is adjusted perfectly.

10. Bustle it up

We want you to dance the night away on your big day, so don’t forget that we can add a bustle in to the back of your bridal gown in order for you to hook it up as the celebrations progress. And don’t worry… we’ll show the bridal squad how to do it and we can always video so there’s no panic on the big day itself!

This is such an exciting time, and we know that although it can be a little intimidating at first, wedding dress shopping is one of those experiences that should be filled with joy. Contact us to arrange an appointment at Gatehouse Brides and we will ensure that your visit to us will fill you with just that!

Julie x